Introducing the new Radar stack

Monday 22nd June 2020

With the news that Dark Sky API is going away, this has regretfully brought about the need to discontinue older stacks like WeatherEmbed. After the end of this month, these stacks are unlikely to work properly for displaying weather forecasts and mapping on your websites.

There already exist several free and paid weather services that can provide you with website widgets, for the display of local weather information. Going forwards, it’s probably recommended that you use one of these. Many exist for different regions of the world.

As an interest of mine, I still wanted to offer a weather stack. One of the most influential weather types we are always looking towards the sky for is rain! So I’ve built a brand new stack named Radar that does this single job - it displays the latest rainfall radar for your area. And other precip types like hail, snow, sleet etc.

This would be good to use in websites like sporting fixtures, festivals, outdoor events, travel / tourism, severe weather tracking, and also for farmers and growers. The stack has basic settings to control what part of the world to show. Plus different options to change the visual display of the radar.

The Radar stack is built upon the API. It’s a culmination of radar data from several major weather agencies and organisations around the world, layered on Open Street Maps mapping. All open source.

Two configurations are offered in the Radar stack:

  1. iFrame Embed uses a bare-minimum of code and offers the widest compatibility with different themes and frameworks.
  2. Leaflet.js / Open Street Maps reduces branding, keeps more of the codebase local to your website and provides extra code options for customising the radar loop animation sequence buttons.

To use the stack, simply install it into RapidWeaver in the normal way. Open your Stacks Library and search for ‘Radar’. Drag and drop a copy of the stack into your webpage. Within the stacks side panel, you have various settings to customise the behaviour and style of your weather radar map.

Please note: a caching bug in RapidWeaver Preview mode may result in the radar visuals not updating immediately when you make changes to either the Radar Graphics or Map Type. The workaround solution is to preview the page in a normal web browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari or Chrome).

If I manage to find a decent enough weather forecasting API that doesn’t cost a fortune I may still look at putting together an actual 5-day or 7-day forecasting stack. But so far, I’ve not found anything suitable to use yet.

In the spirit of FOSS (free and open source software) Radar is available as a free download here.

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Introducing the Appender stack

Tuesday 9th June 2020

The sole purpose of this little stack is to help you append (or prepend) stack elements onto other parts of a webpage, like navigation bars, headers, banners or footers.

Appender uses jQuery Javascript and has four available functions:

  1. Append To adds content inside the target element, as a sibling to any other elements.
  2. Prepend To adds content inside the target element, but before any sibling elements.
  3. Insert After places content after the target element.
  4. Insert Before places content before the target element.

As an example, you might have a navigation bar area at the top of a webpage that you want to append a special message bar onto. Appender is the perfect stack to do this job.

Appender has a bare-minimum of settings to make setup quick and safe. The only requirement is that you have basic HTML knowledge and the ability to get the class or ID of the element you want to append stacks onto.

You can get this free stack here.

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Introducing the new Filmset stack

Monday 8th June 2020

The basic idea of the Filmset stack is to take simple content types (like video, images or iFrames) and ‘frame’ them within an attractive backdrop image.

Therefore you can accomplish the appearance of this content being presented inside a device or other object. Brilliant to use for website banners, product videos, software screenshots, and much more.

You can choose to use one of the many preset backdrop images. Alternatively you can add your own custom image. Then use the sliders to adjust the size and positioning of your content to fit the 'cut out’.

Filmset is a mobile responsive stack and can be optimised for higher resolution displays. Content types like HTML5 video support some advanced features, like captions and subtitles.

A stack that is sure to grab the attention of all your website users!

Learn more about Filmset by clicking here.

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Introducing the free AppBanner stack

Monday 25th May 2020

With so many individuals and organisations forced to take their business operations online, in light of the current Covid-19 crisis, there has been a sharp increase in the need to do more digitally using smartphone and tablet apps.

The new AppBanner stack is a simple and convenient way to display advertising banners at the top of your webpages, for Android and iOS users.

The banner is styled to match the similar banners that Apple and Google already provide developers with. However this stack makes setup a whole lot easier (no APIs required) and combines support for both Android and iOS in one powerful stack.

Settings exist to change the following:

  • Targeted platforms
  • App name
  • Developer name or company
  • Price
  • Button labels
  • Suffixes
  • App icon
  • App link

The app link is where you would normally put your link to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. As well as apps, the AppBanner stack can also be repurposed for podcasts, games, audio and video downloads. No invasive user tracking or affiliate linking is involved. AppBanner is completely self-contained.

The banner is only shown on the platforms you set to target (e.g. Android and / or iOS). You can test what the banner looks like using the Simulation options in RapidWeaver 8.

No other stack presently exists for RapidWeaver that can do this type of popup banner. AppBanner is currently a free download during the Covid-19 crisis. However if you like using it, a contribution, rating or review is hugely appreciated.

Learn more…

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ActionHost updated to version 2.1

Sunday 12th April 2020

The main purpose of this update has been to add support for a couple more user-requested link actions, including links opening in new tabs / windows, alerts and the ability to get confirmation off the user via an alert popup:

This is a free update for all ActionHost v2.0 stack users, available to download via automatic updates in Stacks / RapidWeaver or using the link in your Paddle account.

If you like using ActionHost, please don’t forget to give it a quick “thumbs up” or write a short review about it here:

More information about ActionHost is available here:

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MicroBlog updated to version 3.0

Wednesday 1st April 2020

A major update for the MicroBlog stack, incorporating some important fixes and adding some new features requested by our customers:

  • Updated to support PHP 7.4.
  • Sidebar links are now rendered in the format of a bulleted list, to improve clarity and promote more options for styling them with custom CSS code.
  • New style settings for normal and hovered sidebar links (bold, italic, underline and uppercase).
  • Added an option to convert sidebar blog archive and date lists into HTML select menus.
  • More sidebar positioning options, using CSS flexbox.
  • Updated a couple of stack settings and informational tooltips, to make things easier to find and use.
  • Photograph post types now have a loading=“lazy” attribute applied to images, to promote faster page loading in newer web browsers.
  • Deleted some surplus icons that are no longer needed by newer versions of Stacks and RapidWeaver.
  • Reorganised the templates and libraries required by MicroBlog.

MicroBlog reuses a Tumblr blog RSS feed; meaning that you can use the existing Tumblr website, tablet or smartphone apps to login and keep your blog topped-up with fresh content remotely. No need to publish from RapidWeaver each time you need to post a new article. Plus you can schedule posts for a future date and share new posts across all your social media platforms.

If you are stuck at home during the current COVID crisis and need to continue communicating or collaborating with friends, customers or co-workers, then a blog can prove to be a valuable tool.

We are providing MicroBlog as a FREE download during the current crisis period. But if you use it and like it, please consider making a donation. Especially if you require support or have feature requests. Please also give this stack a ‘like’ and 'review’ on the RapidWeaver Community Addons website, so more people can be made aware of it.

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Introducing the new Notes stack

Friday 13th March 2020

Notes does exactly as the name suggests, in allowing you to attach simple notes to webpages.

These notes are only ever available to view in edit mode. None of the code or content is ever exported or published.

Perfect for creating simple reminders to yourself, quick to-do lists for finishing a webpage or instructions for work colleagues to follow.

Notes stack is a free download and works with all themes and frameworks.

Click here to learn more.

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Introducing SuperBox 5

Wednesday 26th February 2020

A clever image stack, which you can use for the creation of search engine styled image galleries. Clicking on thumbnail images reveals a larger version of the image. It’s like a lightbox, but not quite a lightbox!

You can view the product page for SuperBox here.

What’s good about SuperBox is that it keeps focus on the webpage. Navigation through an image gallery becomes an altogether faster and more enjoyable experience.

SuperBox has been around as a stack for a number of years. The original developer was Adam Merrifield of SeyDoggy. This latest version introduces some excellent new functionality that elevates the capabilities of SuperBox even further. Have a read below of what’s new!

Caption Support

This has long been a frequent request. This version of SuperBox finally introduces support for written captions. Plus there is a separate HTML box, where you can include optional code for each image, such as custom links, download buttons, lightbox triggers, PayPal, Stripe or FotoMoto purchase buttons.

Expertly built

SuperBox uses a mixture of modern web technologies, including CSS flexbox, transitional effects, proportionate sizing and responsive behaviour. The end result is a robust and highly flexible stack, which adapts intelligently to fit your content. The subtle animation effects add a professional finishing touch.

Image links

You can now apply optional links to the full size image, to make them clickable. Not only that, but you can also apply custom attributes to these links; for those instances where you need to ‘attach’ extra code; like lightbox triggers, custom callbacks or analytical campaign tracking.

Improved thumbnail grid controls

By request, it is now possible to control how many thumbnail columns are displayed on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screen widths. Choose between one and twelve columns in the stack settings. SuperBox does all the complicated code and calculations for you in the background.

Lazy loading

SuperBox includes the new HTML loading attribute, for web browsers that support it (currently Chrome and Firefox nightly). Meaning your images will have deferred loading until the image comes into view. The end result is a faster loading webpage. Expect to find native lazy loading support coming into many more web browsers this year.

More style options

The choice of style, colour and alignment options has increased significantly in this update. While we still inherit a lot of theme styling (like font faces) you have greater control over many other aspects of the SuperBox presentation. All colour pickers come in light and dark pairs, so you can adjust the colour of SuperBox depending on whether the user has their computer set to light or dark mode. Learn more about this here.

New navigation options

Keyboard navigation remains the same as before. Next, previous and close icons have received a minor design refresh. A select menu is provided so you can adjust the placement of the next / previous button. The Font Awesome Icons used can be changed in the stack settings, if required.

Active carets

The thumbnail image of the expanded image have the addition of a little caret icon. This gives better indication of what image the user is currently viewing. A nice little finishing touch. Carets are easily disabled with a checkbox option, if they are not required.

Sound effects

Not to everyone’s liking admittedly! However another customer of SuperBox v5 (using the stack in a children’s website) specifically sponsored this new feature. It is now possible to attach custom sound effects to the thumbnails, which play each time a thumbnail or navigation button is clicked.

Text-only panels

Sometimes you might be in a position of wanting to only display a thumbnail image and corresponding caption or HTML content (no full size image) in the expanded panel. The 'Text / HTML Only’ sub-stack is perfect for this task. A full size image is not loaded, and your caption or HTML content is set to display the full width of the SuperBox panel.

Anchor points

Optional anchor points can be assigned to each SuperBox item. If a user lands on the page with a matching anchor appended to the URL (e.g. then the user is scrolled down to that point of the page and the target image opens within SuperBox.

Improved compatibility

SuperBox is now compatible with Foundation and other frameworks / themes. Various theme and web browser related bugs have been fixed in this update. All the messy Internet Explorer hacks are gone, so the code base of SuperBox is smaller, despite many more features being added.

Special Effects

Alongside the previous 'opacity’ effect available, the choice of thumbnail image special effects has been expanded to include blur, brightness, contrast, hue, invert, monochrome, rotation, saturation, scale and sepia. The amount of each effect is customisable. Effects are applied via CSS, for minimal performance impacts.

SuperBox is certainly an image gallery stack worth taking a second look at. A great addition to websites and an innovative method of navigating any quantity of images. The addition of captions, links and optional HTML code make SuperBox a useful addition to the Stacks Library.

This stack would be particularly well suited for product showcases, a simple store front, photographic galleries, real estate listings, travel websites and so much more…

Updates and pricing

  • SuperBox v5 installs itself alongside older versions you may already have installed. It will leave existing SuperBox galleries in your website untouched.
  • If you have purchased or updated SuperBox anytime after August 2017, login to your secure Paddle account to download the latest version for free. This newest version has an orange and white icon, in your Stacks Library.
  • If you are new to SuperBox (or have let your updates lapse behind), version 5 is available to buy today for just $20. A free demo version is available to download and install on your computer, meaning you can fully explore this whole stack and test it with your own content. Go to the product page here.

If you like using SuperBox, please leave us a quick review on the RapidWeaver Addons website here. It helps immensely!

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MiniCookie updated to version 1.1

Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Changes in this free update for MiniCookie include:

  • When the RW privacy popup is dismissed, its box container is now fully hidden, before the next page load.
  • Added a new button below the cookie table, to instantly delete all the listed cookies.
  • It’s now possible to change the icons applied on buttons below the tables.
  • Added support for HTML5 offline storage data (localStorage and sessionStorage).
  • Added a new configuration, to make it possible to edit multiple cookies with one button.
  • Table rows now receive a class selector name equal to the cookie or offline data name.
  • Updated the project file.

You can download the update via automatic updates in Stacks, or direct from your Paddle account.

Until Sunday 8th December 2019, MiniCookie is included in our 40% Black Friday promo. A perfect opportunity to buy this new stack.

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Early December stack updates

Monday 2nd December 2019

A summary of free stack updates for RapidWeaver released yesterday and today.

BannerStack v2.1.0

  • New plist keys for Stacks 3 + 4.
  • Added WebYep CMS as an image source.

FullScreen v2.0.0

  • Improvements to the Javascript code.
  • You can now use multiple FullScreen stacks on the same webpage.
  • Added the ability to trigger FullScreen using a button below the content container.
  • Added some bits plist data for Stacks 3 + 4.
  • Update checking now done over SSL.
  • Updated some of the informational tooltips.

WebYep CMS v2.4.0

  • New masonry grid stack.
  • New read more stack.
  • New news ticker stack.

CommentsStack v.1.3.0

  • Various theme compatibility improvements (especially for Foundations 6).
  • Ability to link and scroll to the submit form and first comment.
  • Minor enhancements for mobile.
  • Better IDs for the comments, to make linking easier.
  • Removed some surplus icon files.

Gator v1.3.0

  • New settings to adjust the maximum width of the navigation bar and maximum width of the navigation content more easily.
  • New checkbox options to automatically scale images placed in additional content left / additional content right, useful for logo images.
  • New setting to apply padding around the content of the navigation bar.
  • New text style options for the mobile menu, navigation bar links and dropdowns.
  • Additional new settings for dividers between parent navigation items on desktop, including borders, Font Awesome icons and text characters.
  • Reorganised and renamed a couple of settings.
  • Ability to hide left or right additional content on mobile.
  • Ability to position either the left or right additional content at the top right of the navigation bar, on mobile.
  • Improved spacing around the ‘menu’ button on mobile.
  • Ability to customise the icons used in the mobile menu.

FileTree v1.2.0

  • Title tooltips can now be toggled on and off in the stack settings.
  • Improved TopBox lightbox support, including;
  • The ability to group directories of files into lightbox gallery groups.
  • Fixed the broken icons.

Download these updates in the Stacks Library or from your Paddle Account (for the paid stacks).

Don’t forget to use the coupon code blackfriday at the checkout, if you want to save 40% on any of these. Promo ends Sunday 8th December 2019.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday week 40% promo

Friday 29th November 2019

40% off all themes and stacks at ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks.

Valid until Sunday 8th December 2019

Use the coupon code blackfriday at the checkout, if you want to apply the optional discount. Watch this quick video to see how.

Plus lots of fun and exciting new things including:

Click here here 3 for more info.

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ImageWizard v2 released

Thursday 28th November 2019

This is a FREE update for all existing customers. You can update the stack inside Stacks / RapidWeaver or download the latest version from your Paddle account.

Changes in this major update include:

  • Added a ‘missingURL’ key to the stack (used by newer versions of Stacks).
  • Updated some of the information tooltips displayed in the HUD.
  • Added WebYep CMS as an image source.
  • You can now specify your own Pinterest sharing icon.
  • Removed the old option for retina display compatible images, as Stacks now handles this.
  • Renamed the template files 'imagewizard’ for easier reference
  • Brand new 'Instagram’ image filter effects to play with!
  • All colour pickers now support RGBa opacity.
  • New icon.

The product page for ImageWizard can be found here:

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning for the start of our Black Friday event. Big discounts across the websites and lots of exciting new addons to get your hands on! A truly unmissable Black Friday promo.

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Introducing the new SoftLanding stack

Monday 23rd September 2019

SoftLanding uses a cross-fade effect to transition between a welcome message / image and the main webpage content. It’s great to use for temporary websites and landing pages.

The initial content shown as the page starts can comprise of either text or an image. Typically most users of this stack use it to display their company logo. This content is always centred both vertically and horizontally on the screen.

SoftLanding is quick and easy to setup. The product page provides detailed documentation on how to use this stack.

SoftLanding is provided as a free stack, but we kindly request a ‘pay what you want’ donation if you find it useful in your projects. All donations help greatly towards offsetting the development and support involved.

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Gator stack updated to version 1.2.0

Friday 20th September 2019

Gator is a powerful stack for the rapid design and deployment of complex, responsive, menu navigation units in your RapidWeaver websites. Extreme customisability and excellent accessibility are fundamentals of this stack.

Changes in this free update include:

  • New settings to adjust the maximum width of the navigation bar and maximum width of the navigation content more easily.
  • New checkbox options to automatically scale images placed in additional content left / additional content right, useful for logo images.
  • New setting to apply padding around the content of the navigation bar.
  • New text style options for the mobile menu, navigation bar links and dropdowns.
  • Additional new settings for dividers between parent navigation items on desktop, including borders, Font Awesome icons and text characters.
  • Reorgansied and renamed a couple of settings.
  • Ability to hide left or right additional content on mobile.
  • Ability to position either the left or right additional content at the top right of the navigation bar, on mobile.

Update via Stacks / RapidWeaver or download the latest version from your Paddle account.

If you have a few minutes spare, please also ‘like‘ or ‘review’ Gator on the RapidWeaver Community Addons website.

Any problems, please let me know. Have a great weekend!

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Introducing the FileTree stack

Wednesday 28th August 2019

FileTree uses a relative path to a directory on your web server. It converts the resulting directory / file list into an interactive file tree. Just like a file browser on a computer, visitors to your website are able to drill-down through multiple levels of directories to browse files. You can configure FileTree to open files within the browser window, open files in a new tab, force files to download or wire-up FileTree to TopBox for lightbox support. Plus each time you add or remove files on the web server, FileTree updates without needing any input via RapidWeaver.

Possible uses of FileTree could include business press kits, a simple photographic or video gallery, organisation of course material, and any other tasks that require publication of multiple files within a structured hierarchy. Files can be added as resources in RapidWeaver or uploaded directly via FTP or Droplet stack.

The only dependencies of FileTree are a web server with PHP 7.1+ support and a theme with Font Awesome Icon v5 support. All free and paid themes at ThemeFlood (excluding Clean Slate) support Font Awesome 5 or you can include Font Awesome 5 yourself into a website if using older themes from elsewhere.

Please see the product page here for details about what FileTree can achieve and how to use it.

If you find this stack useful, please make a contribution here to support ongoing development and updates.

This is a screenshot below showing how files in FileTree can be lightboxed with TopBox. If you set TopBox as the FileTree ‘action’ some instructions are shown in edit mode for how to make your files open in TopBox. This is what the opened lightbox looks like:

PS: TopBox v5 will be available soon, hopefully towards the end of September. A phenomenally huge update with some fantastic new features. A free update for all TopBox v4 users!

PPS: The office will be closed between Thursday August 29th 2019 and Saturday 7th September 2019 for vacation. This means that any support requests sent during this period will not get a reply. If you have an urgent question, it would be advisable to use the RapidWeaver forums instead. Normal service will resume again in mid-September.

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CalcStack updated to version 1.7

Friday 12th July 2019

Alongside some improvements to select menu types in FormsPlus and some other minor tweaks ahead of Stacks 4, this version of CalcStack adds support for ‘Suggestive Inputs’.

Think along the lines of regular text inputs, but with suggestions displayed as you begin to type in the boxes:

This feature is actually a part of the official HTML specification; known as datalists:

Datalists make input boxes behave slightly like an option select menu. However the end user is still within their ability to manually change the values shown. This can help users quickly select common values and improve the usability of your calculators. You can setup suggestions within the CalcStack.

Click here to learn more about CalcStack.

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Newsroom updated to version 1.1

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Changes in this free update include:-

  • Added support for RSS feeds generated using Poster stack (sold separately).
  • Removed the blue ’+’ button to limit confusion for some users and moved the link / title of the news feed into the main stack settings*.
  • New checkbox option to enable PHP debugging info to be shown.
  • Removed the option for caching, because it was proving too difficult for some users to work around and delayed the display of new RSS articles.
  • Added a new setting to optionally remove paragraph breaks (carriage returns) in descriptions.
  • Fixed a problem whereby the date was not being properly formatted for a few users.
  • Better compatibility with some shared web hosting servers.
  • Updated a couple of informational tooltips.

* After applying this update, you will need to add your custom RSS feed link within the stack settings. Simply select ‘Custom (default)’ from the Feed Source select menu, then click the Link button to add your RSS feed link.

A polite reminder - if your RSS feed does not show in the stack correctly, please put it through the W3C RSS validator before raising a support request. If the validator reports errors or says that the feed cannot be read, then you have your answer! It is not possible for Newsroom to parse broken RSS feeds that are malformed or contain proprietary code.

This update is free for all existing Newsroom stack users. You can apply the update within Stacks / RapidWeaver or manually download and install the latest version from your Paddle account.

Learn more about Newsroom here and download your free demo version.

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Introducing the Newsroom stack

Thursday 4th July 2019

Newsroom makes quick work of getting one or more RSS feeds embedded within your RapidWeaver website. Plus this stack has loads of options to give precise control over the layout and style of your RSS feeds. Lists, newspaper columns, blocks, scroll boxes and table layouts are all feasible for presenting your news feeds within.

Newsroom is totally self-contained and has no dodgy reliance on third-party APIs and news services; at the risk of being pulled out from under you without warning! Simply provide the title and link to your RSS feed, and Newsroom will do all the fetching and parsing for you. Another noteworthy feature of Newsroom is support for caching to help keep page loading fast on busy websites.

Publish Newsroom to almost any web server running a standard install of PHP 7 or greater, and it should work perfectly. Use it for your own RSS feeds or ask to borrow RSS feeds from someone else. Create small ‘widgetised’ feeds for a theme sidebar or footer. Alternatively use the stack to replicate a simple blog. Use multiple feeds or Newsroom stacks for the curation of a more powerful news website.

Newsroom can be placed in the normal page flow or a theme ExtraContent container. Images and video clips are supported within feeds. Our clever CSS flexbox method of structuring each news item gives you control to change the order of elements and safely omit anything you don’t want shown or your feed does not support.

There is a free demo version of Newsroom, so you can download and fully experiment with the stack before committing to a purchase. The Newsroom Feed sub-stack has a drop-down select menu with a dozen RSS feeds you can instantly experiment with. Take time to explore the numerous feed styles available and various styling options. Have a practice at adding your own RSS feed too.

Newsroom is possibly the most comprehensive RSS stack available to date for RapidWeaver. Learn more…

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ShareStack updated to version 1.4

Wednesday 26th June 2019

Changes in this free update include:

  • Added Telegram as a sharing service / button
  • Google+ is disabled by default
  • Changed all link instances of http:// to https://
  • Added an info note that Google+ was shutdown in April 2019
  • Appcast is now using SSL

This update is available via automatic updates in Stacks 3 / 4 or as a download from your Paddle account.

If you are interested to learn more about ShareStack, you can access its product page and a free demo version here.

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Announcing the new WebPStack

Wednesday 19th June 2019

WebP is an open source image format. It’s well suited towards images you present online in websites, as an alternative to JPG, PNG and GIF. When using WebP, images are encoded into a significantly smaller file size; while still retaining stunning image quality and fast rendering. Plus WebP can handle alpha-transparency (like PNG) and animation (like GIF). So WebP has a lot to offer and is definitely something to get excited about. Now is the perfect time to start embracing WebP and exploiting its benefits.

The disadvantages of WebP? Some notable web browsers (like Apple Safari, as of June 2019) currently languish far behind in their support for WebP. The new WebPStack solves this problem; through letting you serve WebP images to the better web browsers that support the format, while offering a reliable fallback for older browsers that still prefer JPG, PNG or GIF.

The WebPStack is easy to use. Add the stack to a webpage and link-to an image in WebP format. Free converters like WebPonize work great for this task. Then provide the same image in JPG, PNG or GIF for older web browsers. WebPStack will attempt to display the WebP image first, but will use the fallback image if the web browser lacks WebP support.

Retina display optimisation? WebPStack also has you covered! Provide WebP and fallback images double (x2) the width and height of the standard images. Link to these in the stack settings. Now you can optimise your images for retina displays and present them in an even higher resolution of unparalleled sharpness and colour quality. Plus images are scaled responsively.

WebPStack also carries optional settings to apply title tooltips on your images or links. As you would expect, the stack uses valid HTML5 markup and provides ALT attribute support too.

You can learn more and download the WebPStack here. If you decide to use this stack in your projects, please consider making a $10 or more donation through the contribute page. WebPStack might look simple, but is the outcome of many hours of dedicated research, coding and testing. The stack is provided in the hope it will greatly speed-up your ability to use WebP images in RapidWeaver today and distance yourself from complicated code and other technicalities. Tell your friends about it too! Donations towards free stacks help to directly fund future work.

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RWML (RapidWeaver Multilingual) updated to version 2.1.0

Sunday 16th June 2019

This stack update is free for all users of RWML 2x. You can update via automatic updates in Stacks / RapidWeaver or download the latest version from your Paddle account. As always, please ensure all your RapidWeaver project files and addons are suitably backed-up before commencing the update. The main changes in this version include:

  • Newly revised user guide published on the website, explaining the full details of how RWML can be used and how to configure it. This includes some example RW project files you can download and open in RapidWeaver 7 and RapidWeaver 8 for better illustration of how the stacks work. Emphasis on reducing the amount of written content and cutting straight to the basics of what RWML can do and how it works.
  • New RWML Language Switcher stack, completely rewritten from the ground-up with support for many more switcher types to suit different webpage placements. Buttons, tabs, radio selects, checkboxes, select menus - it’s got them all! Much emphasis has been placed on improving accessibility and providing more customisable style options for things like buttons. Of course, your ability to custom-build your own buttons or add links to a theme menu bar has still been retained.
  • A couple of very minor / insignificant changes ahead of Stacks 4. Mostly to help pages load / publish slightly faster in RapidWeaver 8.
  • If the selected language is not available, we now fallback to the default language. In other words, if a user enters a country code that has not been configured, the stacks will fallback to the default language and content will always be shown.
  • Fixes to the RWML Meta stack. If using a third-party SEO stack, we recommend using that inside a RWML Wrapper stack. And because the RWML Meta stack only uses Javascript to translate meta tags, you may find more success in following the subdivided methodology - if meta tags are particularly important to you for searching, SEO and social media etc.
  • RWML Redirect stacks no longer append the language query string onto the target page URL.
  • Renamed the RWML Master stack to RWML Base. This is simply to ensure it shows at the top of the Stacks library (RWML group) when you are searching for it. The renaming does not effect previously setup ‘RWML Master’ stacks. After installing the update, the 'RWML Master’ stacks should effortlessly and seamlessly rename themselves to 'RWML Base’.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the presence of SSL and non-SSL websites at the same domain could confuse RWML and cause an incorrect 'alternate’ URL to be written into the head section of the webpage. The option has also been added in the RWML Base stack to disable the generation of 'alternate’ tags, which some users prefer if they want to make their own.

If you are still using RWML 1x, you really, really should consider upgrading to RWML 2. Version 2 has now been available for nearly two years and is currently the most popular selling stack on the Stacks4Stacks website. Version 1x is far behind and I know for sure its broken for some users.

The product page for RWML can be accessed here.

As many others on the forums will testify, there is simply no better way to build a multilingual website with RapidWeaver. RWML gives you everything you need and takes account of things you may not yet have even considered.

If you are new to RWML, download and try the free demo version today! Click here for more information.

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PlayLister stack updated to version 2.7 with two huge new features

Wednesday 24th April 2019

An optional filter / search box can be turned on in the stack settings. For very large playlists of several hundreds or thousands of tracks, this can provide basic functionality for a user to filter the playlist. Filtering looks for track titles and additional information like keywords. The filter is easily unset using the ‘reset’ button. If no results are found, a customisable message is shown. The new filtering options are shown below the existing player controls and share much of their same styling.

If you produce an audio iTunes Podcast, you can now provide PlayLister with the link. PlayLister will generate a playlist of all the podcast episodes and let the user play them on your website or download them for later. This is a perfect solution if you produce a radio show, religious sermons, interviews, music compilations, spoken literature or lectures and want to present this content chronologically on your website. New podcast episodes are automatically added to the top of the playlist, meaning you do not have to republish your webpage each time. PlayLister fetches the MP3 link, title, author, date, summary and keywords for each podcast episode.

Other changes
Work has been done to improve some of the underlying codebase for better jQuery 3 compatibility and some other under-the-hood changes towards optimising the stack better for Stacks 4. We have carefully removed some of the older browser compatibility patches to make for a cleaner and leaner codebase.

PlayLister now has a formidable feature set and is quite simply the best stack around for compiling a playlist of tracks or podcast episodes. Comparable Wordpress plugins commonly exceed $300 per domain, so PlayLister offers fantastic value for money.

If you like using PlayLister, please give it a 'thumbs up’ and write a short review about it on the RapidWeaver Community website.

See the product page for further details about PlayLister. The update is available via automatic update checking in Stacks or from your Paddle account. If updating from a much older version, please purchase the latest version from the product page.

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Introducing the TouchBase stack

Monday 8th April 2019

One of the easiest ways to add customisable FaceTime, mailto, Skype, telephone or VoIP buttons to your website; thereby allowing site users to contact you without the monotony of forms or ugly widgets. TouchBase uses special URI schemes like ‘mailto’, 'skype’ and 'tel’ for creating simple links and buttons to different services. Plus it automatically obfuscates contact details on-the-fly to limit unsolicited correspondence from spambots.

TouchBase was originally created to generate obfuscated email 'mail to’ links, that could include a subject heading and other parameters. It has since been expanded by request to support a couple of other useful services; like FaceTime, Skype and telephone.

Of course, you can manually create your own HTML links for your website. But TouchBase is a drag-and-drop solution (zero complicated code required) and presents you with an attractive interface for creating these special links. Plus it provides options to let you optionally convert rather subdued hyperlinks into attractive buttons that match the rest of your website.

TouchBase stacks can either be added in the normal page flow or you can also place them into theme ExtraContent containers and navigation bars. TouchBase can work on a public-facing website and it will also work fine on a passworded / membership website (like one built with SiteLok) or a company intranet site. It has no dependencies on any outside services. PHP 7.0 or greater is recommended.

Download the free demo version to try.

Learn more…

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CalcStack updated to version 1.6

Sunday 31st March 2019

Changes in this free update to CalcStack include:

  • New ‘Text Box’ input type; which has support for commas (making it suitable for currency)
  • New 'Random Number Decimal’ to return a random float between 0 and 1.0
  • Added a couple more style and colour settings, like a toggle to make form labels bold
  • The existing 'Random Number’ input type has been renamed to 'Random Number Integer’
  • Brand new live currency exchange rate support, using the service
  • The options to share an answer on Twitter (compose a new tweet) are working properly again
  • Many improvements to the flexbox inline form styling, to use some of the newer CSS properties
  • A couple of minor bug fixes, for things like button colours not taking effect in certain themes
  • Minor updates to the editing interface
  • New icon

Obtain this update via automatic updates in Stacks or download the latest version from your Paddle account.

The product page has been updated with some new examples you can try, including a live currency converter.

CalcStack, like all our other stacks, is tested and compatible to use with the forthcoming Stacks 4 update.

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Introducing VimStack

Thursday 21st February 2019

VimStack is a free and simple stack to get a single Vimeo video embedded in your webpage. Simply take the ID of any suitable video and enter it in the stack settings.

Although Vimeo already provides some embed code, it is rather featureless. VimStack gives you a couple more possibilities for your embedded video. It uses valid HTML5 markup. As you would expect, VimStack is fully responsive and compatible with tablet / mobile devices. Plus you can place VimStack into a theme ExtraContent container and set it to be hidden in print / PDF output.

Requires Stacks 2 or later.

This stack was developed for a contributor who needed a new Vimeo stack, replacing some older ones that are no longer developed.

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