Note: BoxCanvas is a completely free stack to download and use with ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes. Simply go to the ThemeFlood Stacks page and download your free copy there. BoxCanvas works with both free and paid ThemeFlood themes. If you want to use BoxCanvas with themes from another company, you will need to test the demo version and buy the 'Stacks4Stacks' copy from this page.

It's called 'BoxCanvas' because you essentially start with a blank canvas. Start by adjusting your spacing and alignment settings as required. Choose a preferred background type from a drop-down menu. Optionally you can apply an overlay pattern or colour tint too. As you begin to build-up the layers of your banner, your creation comes alive.

Your finished canvas is fully mobile responsive and coded to professional standards. Because BoxCanvas merges the functionality of several other different stacks (like ExtraContent, TintStack and UsefulStack) you'll begin to find you can do more with less. And less stacks in your page makes for easier, all-round editing.


This is an example of the BoxCanvas stack, with it's default settings applied. Some simple content was added in a Styled Text stack, together with a Stacks button stack. The shadow effect is accomplished using the free Shady stack.
BoxCanvas helps you create vibrant,
high-impact webpage banners that add
more wow-factor to your websites
You can either use BoxCanvas to create 'standalone' banners, like the one above. Alternatively if your theme supports it, you can create 'sections' that span the full width of the webpage.

The content placed within BoxCanvas can be practically almost anything you want. BoxCanvas is perfect for displaying 'call to action' headlines, customer quotes, restaurant menus, travel itineraries, embedded video and even slideshows. Its pure CSS / HTML configuration ensures the box container generated is both durable and flexible.


Follow these instructions to use BoxCanvas:
  1. Once installed into Stacks and RapidWeaver, open your Stacks Library.
  2. Search for 'Box Canvas'. Drag and drop a copy of the stack into your page.
  3. Keeping the page in edit mode, configure the design and appearance of your banner.
  4. Want to add content inside Box Canvas? Drag and drop additional stacks onto the drop zone marked 'Drop stacks here'.
  5. Preview your page to see the completed result. Publish when done.

As always, hovering your mouse cursor over settings will display a small informational tooltip about what each setting does and any important notes to read.

Number input settings are purposefully not prefixed 'px' or other units of measurement. This gives you a lot more expert freedom towards specifying dimensions that can work coherently with your preferred design and build processes. For example, some themes use 'pixels' extensively, whereas other theme systems use 'rems'. Of course, it is feasible to 'mix and match' units of measurement, to get the best results.

BoxCanvas stacks display within your normal page flow by default. This basically just means the stack will show wherever you drop it in the page! However if your theme has ExtraContent or FreeStyle containers, it is very easy to embed your BoxCanvas stack into one of these areas instead - without the need for extra stacks.

In terms of compatibility, BoxCanvas is compatible with all newer web browsers and most RapidWeaver themes. A free demo version of BoxCanvas is available for you to download and experiment with to fully test the stack on your computer.