When getting in contact, please remember...

  • For any stacks you have purchased or updated from Stacks4Stacks after 1st January 2015, you can always access the latest versions from your Paddle account. VAT receipts and invoices are also available to download from this location.

  • Support is prioritised for users of paid stack elements, customers using our stacks with ThemeFlood themes or users of free stacks who have made a monetary contribution.

  • Enquiries relating to the checkout, VAT and payments should be sent to Paddle. Please refrain from sending technical support enquiries to Paddle; as those questions are unlikely to get a response. Paddle act purely as the payment vendor, who process your transaction.

  • We do not provide free support in relation to compatibility problems or other issues with addons from other companies. This is outside of our support remit. If you require help with using stacks with addons from other companies, you will need to get to contact to request a quote for this work and schedule some time.

  • The Stacks plugin itself is developed by YourHead software and RapidWeaver is developed by Realmac Software. So if you have general questions (like stack installation problems or publishing problems) you should search the information these companies already provide and get in contact with them directly if a problem persists. The YourHead Software Helpdesk and RapidWeaver forums are good places to search for information.

  • When contacting us with a problem, it's always so much easier and quicker to be able to replicate the problem here in the office. Therefore describe the problem to the best of your ability. Some screenshots may be useful. A link to a live published website or a download link for the zipped-compressed RapidWeaver project file is almost essential. Large files can be forwarded using a secure, free service like Dropbox. If an email lacks information, it'll probably end-up getting ignored or bounced back to you with a request for further information required. You can save yourself many hours of time by spending a few extra minutes yourself to carefully compose an email with an adequate amount required information contained.

  • Please avoid cross-posting your support correspondence. For example, don't send us an email and post the same question onto social media or the RapidWeaver forums. It wastes time and does not gain you a faster response. Simply ask the question(s) once and wait patiently for a reply. Otherwise duplicate requests for help will all go ignored.


Quick tips and frequently asked questions...

How do I install new stacks?

Download the .zip package in your web browser. If the package does not un-compress by itself, double click to open it. Drag and drop the yellow lego brick icon onto your RapidWeaver dock icon. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Where can I find really good theme designs to use these stacks with?

Check the ThemeFlood website for a wide variety of both free and paid theme designs. All of these work great with stacks offered through this website. Many of these theme designs have lots of cool features and functionality. Before we started trading as Stacks4Stacks, our stacks were originally available through ThemeFlood.

What version of Stacks and RapidWeaver for I need?

We typically say you need the latest (stable) versions of Stacks and RapidWeaver to use these stacks. Incompatible stacks won't show in your Stacks Library. Some stacks remain backwards compatible with older versions of Stacks and RapidWeaver. Always try the free demo versions first.

Can you modify stacks or create new custom stacks?

Yes, please get in contact to discuss your requirements. This is a service we frequently provide and have created a phenomenal number of custom stacks over the years for different clients. Every custom stack is designed and coded to high standards.

Where can I request help?

Email is typically quickest during weekdays. At other times (or if you prefer) you are welcome to make use of the RapidWeaver community forums. Short questions can also be accepted through Twitter.

Can I get free updates?

The update window has now closed, for the reasons stated in that forum post. If you continue to require updates for stacks, these will need to be purchased as new stacks from the website.

Where to I re-download my stacks?

You can download stacks and purchase receipts from your secure Paddle account. For purchases made before 1st January 2015, please get in touch for help.

How long have you been around for?

Stacks4Stacks started in 2011, as an overflow from the ThemeFlood website. Through offering fantastic stacks and great customer support, we've succeeded in becoming one of the most prominent distributors of stack elements. In 2015 we acquired Aaron Marquez's (Stack Maniac) stacks, and in 2017 we took over Tsooj Media. We also partner with seyDesign and RWExtras and periodically do work with Chillidog Software.

I really like your website!

The entire Stacks4Stacks website was built using RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin. The theme being used in this website is Flare by ThemeFlood. Stacks4Stacks is hosted by the rather excellent Chillidog Hosting. Checkout facilities are provided by Paddle.