Further links

Website search
I have lots of stacks and often their features cross-over with one another. This search page may help you find specific stacks for particular jobs.

Sharing project files
Vital information if you are requesting technical support from any addon company. Without a copy of your files or link to a published page, developers may be unable to help you. Realmac Software wrote this article to explain how you can share files really easily.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
As the name suggests, I answer some of your most frequent questions here. Including topics like compatibility, system requirements and how to install new stacks.

File warehousing eBook
RapidWeaver struggles with big files. This 27 page illustrated PWYW guide provides comprehensive information about how to warehouse files in a couple of different ways and avoid problems. There is a suggested price of $1 for this information I've taken the time to research and present here. However if you've bought Stacks4Stacks or ThemeFlood addons, you're welcome to set the price to zero.

Old, archived and unsupported stacks
When older stacks get retired or superseded by something else, I try to provide the originals as a download through this page. That way they are still available if RapidWeaver suddenly starts complaining it is missing something!

RapidWeaver community forums
A good place for searching and discussing common topics relating to RapidWeaver; such as installation issues, random crashes, publishing problems, web hosting queries and any other general questions.