You can also welcome to get in contact via the following services:

Please also remember the following when getting in contact:

  • During busy times, support is prioritised for paying customers or those who have made a contribution. Using the support and social networking links provided on this page offers the fastest and most reliable form of communication.

  • Enquiries relating to the checkout, VAT and payments should be sent to Paddle. Enquiries relating to updates and technical support for specific stacks should be directed to Stacks4Stacks via email. Please refrain from sending technical support enquiries to Paddle; as those questions are unlikely to get a response.

  • It's difficult to provide support in instances where other third-party themes or stacks are used. Contrary to popular belief, the third-party developers don't have free-roaming access to the RapidWeaver Addons site, and can only afford to purchase and test against a limited number of third-party addons. Therefore you may be asked in advance to purchase and gift additional copies of particular themes or stacks, if questions relate to these products. Unfortunately unlike us, not all RapidWeaver theme and stack developers provide free demo versions of their wares.

  • The stacks plugin itself is developed by YourHead software and RapidWeaver is developed by Realmac Software. So if you have general questions (e.g. stack installation problems or publishing problems) you should search the information these companies already provide and get in contact with them directly if a problem persists. The YourHead Software Helpdesk and RapidWeaver forums are good places to search for information.

  • When contacting us with a problem, it's always so much easier and quicker to be able to replicate the problem here in the office. Therefore describe the problem to the best of your ability using good English and grammar. Some screenshots may be useful. A link to a live published website or a download link for the RapidWeaver sandwich file is almost essential. Large files can be forwarded using a secure, free service like Dropbox. If an email lacks information, it'll probably end up getting bounced back to you with a request for further information required. You can save yourself many hours of time by spending a few extra minutes yourself to carefully compose an email with an adequate amount required information contained.

  • Please do not cross-post your support correspondence. For example, don't send us an email and post the question onto social media or the RapidWeaver forums. It does not gain you a faster response. Simply ask the question(s) once and wait patiently for a reply. Otherwise duplicated posts will just get flagged as spam, deleted and never answered.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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