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There are a couple of other non-monetary methods you can use, to contribute positively towards the Stacks4Stacks project:
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  • Share links to your favourite stacks on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, your blog or anywhere else. I don't pay to advertise or promote stacks elsewhere, so every link helps.
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If you are feeling extra generous and you want to post me something (some customers like to do this), I can provide you with a UK postal address. Please contact me here if you want this.

A polite reminder...

I am not obliged to provide support for free stacks. RapidWeaver is only a small part of what I do. Providing support takes time and the provision of downloads is expensive. Ultimately paying customers have to take top priority first.

If you have questions, feedback or feature requests that relate to free stacks, then paying a donation will ensure your accompanying message gets prioritised. Please mention in your email if you have paid a donation, and then I can help you faster.

This policy is not out of greed! It is simply to ensure developers are fairly and properly compensated for providing you with the best possible stacks and support, in situations where they might otherwise receive nothing. I am not employed by Realmac Software and receive no income or affiliate payments from anyone else.