There are a couple of other different ways you can contribute towards the Stacks4Stacks project:
  • Provide a short written testimonial about our stacks or customer support, using this survey form. We sometimes feature reviews on the homepage or other pages of the website. You're welcome to include your website address for some extra free publicity!
  • Share links to your favourite stacks on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog or anywhere else. We don't pay to promote stacks elsewhere so every link helps. Tell your friends and your co-workers about Stacks4Stacks.
  • Write a short review about our stacks or customer support on the RapidWeaver forums. Show others what you've built, list the addons used and comment about what you liked.
  • Make a small monetary donation via PayPal or credit / debit card (please use the secure payment button on this page). A minimum contribution of £10 GBP is appreciated for any customer support provided, relating to the free stacks.
  • Send a postcard, a shopping voucher or Starbucks card to say thanks. I can provide a postal address if you prefer to send one of these gifts directly to me at home. Just drop me a quick email via the contact page.
  • Purchase a GooglePlay gift card or a UK iTunes voucher (good music = good stacks)*. We like good music and recommendations are also welcomed.

Make a small monetory contribution via PayPal

If you wish to make a monetary contribution via PayPal, credit or debit card, please enter the amount and click the button below:

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A polite reminder...
We are not obliged to provide support for free stacks. Support takes time. If you are asked to make a contribution, please do so using the PayPal form above. A minimum contribution of £10 GBP for each support case you raise is much appreciated.

This policy is not out of greed - it is simply to ensure developers are fairly and properly compensated for providing you with the best possible stacks and support, in situations where they might otherwise receive nothing in return.