My expertise

I've been working with RapidWeaver since 2006 and have experience with the Stacks plugin from day-one of availability. I'm very familiar with the Stacks API and have even written tutorials in the past; on the subject of stack development for both novice users and other stack developers. And I helped with reviewing the RapidWeaver Beginners Guide for Joe Workman. I've built-up a strong reputation for providing quality solutions and offering excellent customer support.

Cost table
A screenshot of a cost and tax calculator stack developed for a printing company website.
Here are some examples of custom stacks I've built in the past for clients:
  • Image galleries and product showcases
  • Domain name checkers and product availability
  • Calculators and job quotation web apps
  • Social media and bookmarking solutions
  • Frustration-free contact forms
  • Fixed-width and responsive page templates
  • Shopping carts and purchase buttons
  • Website navigation layouts

I've worked with both individuals and larger media / marketing companies. More recently I've done work for some advertising agencies and record labels. There are many skills I can bring to the table, and I could be a valuable asset in your next project. I'm frequently hired-in to assist with custom stack development for other companies, including RapidWeaver Central, Chillidog Software and Still River Creative.


Custom stacks are designed, developed and tested to the same exacting standards as regular 'off the shelf' Stacks4Stacks stack elements. This includes compatibility with a broad range of different web browsers and devices. Custom stacks can be developed for use in ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes, or themes by other companies (like the Blueball FreeStacks system).


Custom stack development is charged by the hour. The exact cost of developing a stack element always depends on the complexity of the project. For example if you're bringing code or graphics to reuse, the cost will always be less than starting at point-blank. I charge a competitive hourly rate. All projects are estimated and completed to a statement of work contract.


Most projects received before Monday 9.30AM will often get done the same week, subject to the complexity of the project proposed and other obligated work commitments. Projects are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're working towards a tight deadline, it's always wise to make this clear at the earliest possibility, to avoid disappointment. Sometimes the order book fills up very quickly!


Please drop me a quick email via the contact page. Include some basic details like a brief project proposal and some examples of what you're trying to build. I'm more than happy to discuss your requirements under no obligation and under the strictest confidentiality.
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