Leaving so soon?

This is a working example of the ExitIntent stack, by Stacks4Stacks. This would be a good place to display business open times, contact details, social media links or an email newsletter signup form.
ExitIntent only displays its popup when you move your mouse off the page. To accomplish a reversal of this effect (having a popup display as a user lands on the page) the Gateway or TopBox stacks might be a better choice to use.


When viewing this webpage on a laptop or desktop web browser, move your mouse outside of the webpage. You should see the ExitIntent popup reveal on the middle of the screen. Cookie tracking is disabled in this example, so the stack will work on each revisit. Ordinarily you can set it to only reveal once, so it doesn't annoy your users!


ExitIntent works much the same as any other stack.
  1. Drag and drop a copy of ExitIntent from the Stacks Library into your webpage.
  2. Into the drop zone marked 'drag stacks here' place a suitable text, HTML or markdown stack you want shown within the popup.
  3. Write or paste-in the content you want shown.
  4. With ExitIntent selected in edit mode, open the Stacks side panel to review its settings. Basic options are listed to adjust the animation, styling and colouring.
  5. If you want to have ExitIntent show only once, adjust the cookies setting accordingly.
  6. Preview your page in RapidWeaver or a normal web browser to test ExitIntent.

All settings in ExitIntent display little informational tooltips on mouseover. These help you understand what each setting does.