What are the system requirements of these stacks?

You need the Stacks 4 or Stacks 5 plugin for RapidWeaver and a copy of either RapidWeaver 8 or RapidWeaver Classic (also known as RapidWeaver 9). Occasionally you can continue to use some stacks with older versions of Stacks and RapidWeaver, but increasingly these won't be supported any longer.

Compatibility with future versions of RapidWeaver 'Elements' and 'Stacks Pro' is presently unknown. No details or release schedule has been shared. However going forwards, customers of RapidWeaver 8 and Stacks 5 will continue to receive free updates and support, for as long as these versions still work for us.

All the stacks on this website only work with Stacks and RapidWeaver. They are NOT compatible with other publishing platforms (like Wordpress, Wix or Squarespace). Therefore if you don't already have RapidWeaver and Stacks installed on your computer, the items listed on this website are not suitable for you to use. Possibly your preferred publishing platform has its own separate marketplace you can browse for similar addons.

Some stacks use some special code called 'PHP'. Most hosting companies support PHP, but older or cheaper hosting companies may not. If you see a stack that mentions it needs PHP, please check this is something your hosting server supports. If in doubt, please consult with your web hosting provider. Ideally you should always try to use the newest version of PHP, that your host supports.

How do I install new stacks?

Stacks download to your computer as a .zip package. If your computer does not extract the package automatically, double-click the .zip file. The resulting file is shown with a yellow lego block icon. Use your mouse or touchpad to drag and drop this file onto your RapidWeaver dock icon. RapidWeaver will ask if you want to install the new stack. Click 'ok' to continue. Then restart RapidWeaver. New stacks are available to use from within the Stacks Library. A more detailed installation guide can be found here, which includes pictures.

What is the history behind Stacks4Stacks?

Stacks4Stacks is an acronym for 'stacks for stacks'; implying that the stack elements available on this website are made for the Yourhead Software Stacks plugin. Stacks4Stacks started in 2011, as an overflow from the ThemeFlood website. By offering fantastic stacks backed by exemplarily customer support, I've succeeded in becoming one of the most prominent distributors of stack elements. In 2015 I acquired Aaron Marquez's (Stack Maniac) stacks, and in 2017 I took over Tsooj Media and SeyDesign. I also periodically do development with Chillidog Software on their stacks.

How are stacks priced?

Basic stacks are provided for free download, under the assumption you make a donation for those that you find useful or need support for. Stacks of a medium complexity are priced at $15 USD each. The more complicated stacks are priced at $30 each. The pricing formula used is carefully and fairly calculated. It takes into account of the initial time to develop the stack, resources required for testing, the amount of user support it is likely to generate and the perceived number of updates that might be required to keep it working over a five year period. Also factored-into the pricing is tax, transaction fees, hosting costs and bandwidth for delivering the downloads to you.

What addons are these stacks compatible with?

I only guarantee the compatibility of stacks against my own themes (ThemeFlood) and the free themes supplied with RapidWeaver. I do not provide guarantee or warranties for addons sold by other companies. For the simple reason that the stability and quality of the underlying codebase in these other addons cannot be assured and is not something I have influence over. There is nothing in my stacks to intentionally disable their use with other addons. If you encounter compatibility problems with other addons, I'll try my best to help you. But in a modular setup like RapidWeaver, there are always going to be groups of addons that don't get along together. Hence the importance of "try before you buy".

What are the limitations of free trial versions?

The free trial versions or 'demo' versions are fully functioning, with the exception that updates are disabled and they will display a prominent credit along the bottom of your page. Only limited customer support is provided for free trial versions. Use the trial versions to test stacks for suitability, before committing to a purchase. If a demo stack works well for you and you decide to buy a stack from me, then you are sent a special link (by email) to download a copy licensed in your name (with the demo restrictions removed). Plus you get full entitlement to normal support and updates.

Follow the instructions above to install trial and paid versions. The paid versions will normally overwrite the free trial versions, if you install things correctly. Any previous content and settings you may have setup with a trial version should be persevered by the paid version. Although if you are jumping between major updates (like a trial version 2.6 to a paid version 3.0) it is to be expected that things are likely going to be needing reconfiguration again.

How was this website made?

The whole website is built and published using RapidWeaver and Stacks. Unlike a few addon companies, I don't use Wordpress for my website! The theme used for the website design is Flare and is available to buy on the ThemeFlood website. The MiniCookie stack is used for the cookies popup and buttons on the privacy page. The stack icons are made in Affinity Designer and use Font Awesome 5 Icons. I have purposefully left the source code of this website "un-minified" so you are welcome to check how things have been made.

Can you make custom stacks for me?

Yes! I am one of the few RapidWeaver addon developers that can also make custom stacks for individual clients. I have made many custom stacks over the years dealing with many things like slideshows, calculators, animations, games, page templates, media players and much more. I am a proficient web developer with over 15 years of experience working with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. The addons provided through ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks are a testament to the quality I strive towards. Please contact me (under no obligation), to discuss your requirements.