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Stack Icon Generator - v2.1

Font Awesome icon markup cheatsheet
Foundation icon markup cheatsheet
Typicons markup cheatsheet

The Stack Icon Generator is a simple web app developed by Will Woodgate. Click here to learn more and to download the sourcecode.

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The Stack Icon Generator allows you to quickly generate a downloadable icon. These icons have a 'flat' appearance and can include automatic rounded corners. It's primary purpose is to quickly generate quality icons for new stack elements in RapidWeaver. However people have used it successfully for many other tasks too!

You can use Font Awesome, Foundation and Typicon icons. This gives you the choice of several hundred vector font icons to incorporate into your design. The icon background, border and colour is fully customisable too.

The icon is generated at 512px square (at 72 dpi) and downloads as a PNG image with transparency. From hereon-in, you can put the icon through an Automator Action to generate different sized and named versions of the icon for your stack. Or use any one of the many icon generator tools available to create an icon set.


This web app is compatible with all major and newer web browsers; including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. However you may find that some browsers (like Safari) open the generated icon in a new window, rather than downloading it to your computer. Some features (like the colour picker) are cutting-edge and experimental; therefore they may not work in all web browsers.


You are welcome to download the complete source code for this web app. Feel free to modify and host a copy of the app on your own web server. It is fully opensource and you can edit many aspects of it. We also include an example Automator Workflow; which can be used to generate different icon sizes.

Download Stack Icon Generator