You may have heard of a new buzz-term recently in SEO land called the 'silo system' or 'silo architecture' for building modern websites. The basic idea is that you introduce more links between pages of your website, and therefore get traffic flowing around more efficiently, beyond the existing website navigation menu. As ever, lots of information and presentations about this can be found online.

The silo system is not only a valuable method for giving your website visitors an easy way to navigate your website and jump between relevant pages; but it's also proving to be popular with search engines indexing your website. If you care about the ease at which people can navigate your website and you want to maintain or improve your search engine rankings, then the JumpStack is a simple stack to consider using in RapidWeaver.

In practice, this is a really simple stack element to use. Add it to your Stacks page and choose to display a 'previous' or 'next' button (or both). You can quickly customise what page in your project you want people to jump backwards or forwards to. Hence the name of this stack. The buttons are fully customisable; both in respect to styling and the icon or label text you choose to use.

Once published, your users will see links backwards or forwards to other relevant pages in your website. Search engines will have a more connected 'web' of pages in your website to index. JumpStack is ideal for product or service information pages and sequentially organised photographic or video pages (where you want people to navigate pages in a specific order). Equally so, JumpStack is a valuable addition in projects where you're seeking to create simple web-apps that span over multiple pages.

The other key feature in this stack is the table of contents support. This works by looking at a block of written content in your page and identifying all the HTML headings. These headings then get used as anchor points (links). JumpStack generates an automatic index of these anchor points (like a mini sitemap). Users to your website can view the table of contents and click links to 'jump' down to that particular part of the page. The TOC functionality is useful in very content-heavy pages and is automated (you don't have to manually setup the links yourself).


Everything in the grey box below comprises of a single JumpStack. In this example TOC support was enabled. Previous and next navigation links were setup at the end of the stack too, and these lead to different pages on the Stacks4Stacks website.

Table Of Contents


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Business plan

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Team management

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Creative skills

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Emerging markets

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Concluding notes

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Setup of a table of contents

To get an optional JumpStack table of contents working in your website, follow these instructions:
  1. Once installed, drag and drop a JumpStack into your webpage.
  2. Enable the Generate TOC option in the stack settings.
  3. Drag and drop text or HTML stacks inside your JumpStack or set the JumpStack source to use another container on your page (like the theme content container).
  4. To display the generated table of contents, type <div id="toc"></div> somewhere in your page; like in the page sidebar or in another stack above your JumpStack. This code will get replaced with the generated table of contents.
  5. Choose what heading levels to create anchor links towards. By default all heading levels will be used, but you may prefer to filter some out.
  6. The active colour use used to change the text colour of the current TOC. This feature is mostly only of use if the JumpStack remains within the browser viewport.
  7. Adjust any other settings like the font size, spacing or active offset to suit your requirements. Mouseover any of these settings to get informational tooltips, if you’re not sure what they do.

Setup of previous / next navigation links

To get optional JumpStack previous and next navigation links working, follow these instructions:
  1. Once installed, drag and drop a JumpStack into your webpage.
  2. In the stack settings, confirm that the next or previous navigation buttons have been set to either Active or Disabled. Disabled buttons will still get shown but cannot be clicked (they are normally placed at the start or end of a page group).
  3. Using the Button Link setting, assign a link to the previous and / or next navigation buttons. This link can be in the form of another page in the website, a RapidWeaver resource or an external URL.
  4. Change any of the other style or colour settings, to match your page design.

Once done, preview your page to make sure everything is working as expected. There are a few additional settings you can change in the JumpStack, like adjusting the mobile responsive breakpoint and spacing between your content and the navigation buttons.

Button styles

Added in version 1.1, you can now toggle between using a custom next or previous button design (default) or opt to use a Twitter Bootstrap styled buttons. The latter option is useful if your website or web-app is already making use of the Bootstrap framework and you want to keep styling of GUI elements (like buttons) consistent.

Multiple JumpStacks and TOCs in the same page

As of version 1.2 you can now safely use multiple JumpStacks in the same page and have at least one TOC generated. To achieve this, you will need to enable the TOC option in the stack settings, as before. Each TOC will require a unique ID. The ID needs to be in camelCase format (no spaces or special characters) and must not start with a number. Working on the assumption you have 3 different JumpStacks in your webpage, you could assign each a unique ID:

• toc1
• toc2
• toc3

Then wherever you want the separate TOCs displayed, you would enter the HTML markup accordingly:

<div id="toc1"></div>
<div id="toc2"></div>
<div id="toc2"></div>

Please note that the first item of each TOC will always be highlighted as active by default. This is because in each instance a TOC is generated, we highlight the closest item. To avoid this behaviour, go into the stack settings and uncheck the Highlight Active setting.

Important notes

Please follow these important guidance notes when using JumpStack:
  • The table of contents will show whether you enter the little code snippet. Take care to ensure this code is entered correctly. In particular, make sure ‘smart quotes’ are turned-off in the RapidWeaver Format menu.
  • If a user lands on your website without Javascript support, they will still see all your content. However no table of contents will get shown to them.

Browser support and print output

The JumpStack stack works with all major web browsers on both desktop and touch devices. If the page is printed or saved as a PDF, everything will be outputted in a tidy manor; preserving much of the original formatting and structure of the content. Depending on the RapidWeaver theme being used, URL’s may get appended after each link in the TOC or content area.

Styling with custom CSS code

There is lots of scope to restyle the JumpStack with various CSS code. This can help you style the table of contents or the navigation buttons. If you have questions about this, please ask.