We use LiquidGallery as a product slider on our homepage. It has increased the engagement of customers clicking to view our pages big time. Having tried various slideshow plugins from other companies, I can say this one is the best bang for your buck.-Pauline A

LiquidGallery is a novice-friendly slideshow stack to work with; in that uses the normal Stacks drag-and-drop approach and requires no code to accomplish the basics. All the settings carry informational tooltips on mouseover, to help guide you with building your slideshow. A couple of the unique features you can benefit from:

  • Toggle the display of thumbnail images below the slider.
  • Ability to set images as links to resources, other webpages or external websites.
  • Optional pagination bullets below the slider (these replace thumbnails).
  • Easy colour and style settings for the most essential parts of the slider.
  • Captions can be placed on each image, presenting further information, links, buttons etc.
  • Over 25 beautiful, expert-grade transition effects to choose from or use the 'random' option.
  • Embed a LiquidGallery directly into a theme ExtraContent container or FreeStyle banner.
  • Have the slider advance manually or automatically through the slides.
  • 32 preset button designs to choose from.
  • Horizontal or pie loading indicator styles.
  • Robust reliability in most themes and across all popular web browsers.


This is a working example of LiquidGallery, using warehoused images and with thumbnails enabled.


Install LiquidGallery into Stacks and RapidWeaver in the normal way. Open your Stacks library. Drag a copy of LiquidGallery into your page. Click the blue button to add images to your slideshow - either dragged and dropped images or images you link to at a warehouse location. Optionally you can supply caption content and a link with each image. All options to control the behaviour and style of your slideshow are available by selecting the main LiquidGallery stack in edit mode and opening the Stacks side panel.

Tip: Creation of slideshows can be speeded-up by holding down the alt key and a combination of clicking and dragging the sub-stacks. This has the result of duplicating them. You can also use the Hide button in Stacks edit mode, to hide slideshow images you have finished editing; therefore creating a tidier workspace.