The emphasis of LoremUtility is very much on speed and efficiency. With one or more of these stacks added to your webpage, you can effortlessly generate a variety of different content elements, in a mixture of dummy text dictionaries. Choose to generate paragraphs, lists, sentences or placeholder images. Quickly adjust how many paragraphs, words or list elements are generated with simple number boxes. Copy and paste LoremUtility stacks between pages or Alt + Drag them to duplicate. LoremUtility makes webpage design and layout prototyping vastly faster and easier.

Options are provided to either use the styling inherited from your RapidWeaver theme, or you can experiment with custom styling applied to the written content. There is no limit on how many LoremUtility stacks you can use within the same webpage.

The jQuery Javascript that generates the written content 'randomises' the wording on each reload of the webpage; so it would be extremely rare for a sentence to ever start 'lorem ipsum'. Furthermore, if you want to depart from the normal Latin 'lorem ipsum' text, then a choice of other dictionaries are available for you to experiment with in LoremUtility:

  • Bacon Ipsum
  • Baseball Ipsum
  • Beer Ipsum
  • Cupcake Ispum
  • Gangsta Ipsum
  • Hipster Ipsum
  • Metal Ipsum
  • Pokemon Ipsum
  • Starwars Ipsum
  • Tuna Ipsum
  • Veggie Ipsum
  • Westcountry Ipsum
  • Yorkshire Ipsum

All these dictionaries are clean of profanities and safe to use on child friendly or client websites! Although a bit of fun, these different dictionaries can actually be very useful in determining the natural flow and visual feel of particular content, within page layouts. The number of words, sentences and paragraphs can be customised within the stack settings. Perfect for adjusting characters-per-line in a professional page layout and fine-tuning your theme typography.


Here are some examples of the LoremUtility in use, generating a variety of different elements; including placeholder images, sentences, paragraphs, headings and lists...


      Follow these instructions for using LoremUtility in RapidWeaver...
      1. Once installed in Stacks and RapidWeaver, open your Stacks Library on a stacks page
      2. Search for 'LoremUtility'. Drag and drop a copy of the stack into your webpage. It can be placed within other basic stacks, like columns or grids
      3. Within the LoremUtility settings, choose the dictionary type, the content type and the number of items (e.g. paragraphs to display)
      4. Preview the webpage to see the random content generated. Export or publish your webpage if required.