Newsroom can present your RSS feed as a simple list, newspaper-style columns, blocks or tables. A wide choice of style settings are provided to let you control the presentation of news items to your exact design. We use simple HTML / CSS feed styles to promote better website accessibility and improve compatibility with other addons you may be using.

Newsroom works with most (not all) RSS feeds. Either RSS feeds you are hosting yourself (like a blog RSS feed) or an RSS feed generated by an outside blog or news service. Newsroom can be used on websites with an SSL certificate, as we've shown here. A free demo version is provided for you to download and fully test Newsroom against the RSS feeds you plan on using the stack with. The stack has fairly modest server requirements (detailed below in the setup instructions).

What's good about Newsroom is that the content it displays can update 24/7. So even when you are not working to write new blog articles or other website content, your website can continue to update with fresh, quality content. It can give a reason for website visitors to continue returning. With little effort, you could build quite a comprehensive news website combining multiple Newsroom stacks.


These are some examples of the Newsroom stack placed inside a regular Stacks 3-column stack. We are fetching the first 4 news articles from the Realmac Software blog. You can see how the examples below use the same styling and colours used for this webpage; giving a much more seamless and integrated appearance. However it's certainly feasible to combine Newsroom with other stacks, to create more of a stand-out appearance of your choosing. All the normal padding, margin, border and background settings are available for you to use.

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