Tooltips are mostly only of use on laptop and desktop computers. Tooltips don't tend to show on smartphones or tablets. However if you are building websites or webapps, they can prove to be a valuable method of attaching extra information to links. For this same reason, frontend web development frameworks like Bootstrap have always included tooltips as an optional module.

Our SuperTooltips stack can either attach tooltips to linked content placed within itself. Or you can use CSS selectors to target links in other parts of a page with tooltips. So this is a very flexible tooltip stack. Super!


Here is a block of content with some random links. If you mouseover the links, you will see the tooltips shown.

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Install SuperTooltips in the normal way and add a copy of the stack to your webpage. You can either place the content you want 'tool-tipped' within the SuperTooltips container, or use the settings and a selector name for content elsewhere on your page. Replacing the example selector names with body a would target every link on a page.

In all instances, it is the title attribute value of a link that gets converted into tooltip text. Therefore if you are setting up links using the link dialogue window in RapidWeaver, this screenshot shows how and where you would setup your tooltip text:

Setting up SuperTooltips in RapidWeaver using title attributes.

SuperTooltips has a couple of other settings you might wish to adjust. All these are available within the SuperTooltips Settings. For example, you can choose the style of tooltip (six designs are available) or change the position that tooltips are shown on.

Please note that SuperTooltips "takes" the title attribute of a link, to convert it into a tooltip. This title attribute is no longer available for plugins (like a lightbox or slider) to use. SuperTooltips is best to use for simple links and buttons that don't have any advanced functionality attached to them.