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System requirements
All the stacks sold through this website require RapidWeaver and the Stacks plugin. They will not install or work with any other publishing platforms (like Flow, Drupal, Blocs or Wordpress).

We recommend you aim towards installing the latest version of RapidWeaver that your computer is capable of running (preferably RapidWeaver 7 or greater) and Stacks 3 or later. Both are a separate purchase if you do not own them already.

Stacks4Stacks generously provides you fully-functioning free demo versions of everything sold on this website. This enables you to fully test addons before committing to a purchase. There are no time or functionality limitations applied.

If you cannot get the free demo version to work, DO NOT proceed with purchasing the stack - because the purchased stack is unlikely to work any better for you. Please request technical assistance first.

License agreement

You may use a purchased stack an unlimited number of times in personal or commercial projects and request technical support.

We permit you to install stacks onto all computers that you own. You are permitted to make private archival backup copies (e.g. iCloud, Disk Blaze, Google Drive or Dropbox).

You may not resell, redistribute or make a stack available for download, remove copyright credits, license information, or claim the stack to be your own creation. This includes free stacks, demo stacks or paid stacks, in modified or unmodified states.

The software is provided "as is" without any implied or expressed warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

Refund policy
By purchasing from this website, you agree that your purchase will be available immediately via digital download and that you waive your statutory right of withdrawal.

All purchases are final. Refunds cannot be provided (we physically cannot un-download or remove stacks from your computer) under any circumstances.

You are reminded to make use of the free demo versions already provided on the website, to fully evaluate stacks for compatibility and suitability before making a purchase.

If you cannot get the free demo version to work, DO NOT proceed with purchasing the stack - because the purchased stack is unlikely to work any better for you. Please request technical assistance first.

Be certain that the stack you are buying is actually the one you want, and that you don't already own it or are confusing it with another stack of similar name or functionality.

Purchase process
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Customer support
If you have questions that relate specifically to a stack, you should make contact via the contact page.

General questions can be asked on the RapidWeaver Community Forums.
SwipeGallery is ideal if you want to quickly deploy a basic, responsive image gallery in your website. This stack has possible uses in many different projects and is definitely a stack you can use time and time again! Many of the features and settings present in the original Viewr stack have been migrated over into SwipeGallery. A lot improvements have been made, including the use of SVG icons in the lightbox to ensure the completed gallery looks professional on retina displays. Images can be sourced locally (by dragging and dropping them into the stack) or you can use warehoused images that are already stored online.

The setup of SwipeGallery involves no use of complicated code, making this a perfect gallery solution for both novice RapidWeaver users and experts alike! Locally sourced thumbnail images of irregular shapes can be automatically cropped square, to create a more consistent grid layout. Additionally, powerful CSS filters and animation effects are available for quick selection in the stack settings, to apply to your thumbnail images. A free demo version can be downloaded using the button above, so you can experiment with SwipeGallery in RapidWeaver and test it with your own images.


This is a working example of SwipeGallery, published using the default settings. We are using images stored in a folder online, but equally you can use images dragged and dropped directly into the stack.


Using SwipeGallery is simple. Follow these steps to get a SwipeGallery working in your webpage
  1. Once installed into Stacks 3, drag and drop an SwipeGallery stack from your stack elements library into your Stacks page
  2. In edit mode, click the blue '+' button to add images. Each time you add a new image, settings on the right let you choose between a local image or a warehoused (online) image
  3. Drag and drop the images into any order you want
  4. Select the main SwipeGallery stack in edit mode, to access the customisable settings for the thumbnail grid and lightbox. Change any applicable settings you prefer
  5. Preview the page in RapidWeaver. Try previewing the page at different screen sizes and click the thumbnail images to see SwipeGallery in action. Publish when done

SwipeGallery contains a generous array of customisable settings. Hovering your mouse cursor over individual settings will display informational tooltips about what each setting does. Spend some time playing with SwipeGallery and experimenting with the different options available to you. Many users have been genuinely surprised at what SwipeGallery can achieve.

Optimising images

Ideally all images you add to SwipeGallery should be optimised, for improved performance. Images must be in either JPG, GIF or PNG format, saved at exactly 72 dpi. Aim towards keeping each individual image less than 200 kilobytes in size (this will avoid rendering / memory issues on lower-powered, handheld devices like smartphones).

When using locally sourced images, we automatically generate a scaled thumbnail image, from the full-size image. If you are sourcing images from an online (warehouse) location, you can specify separate thumbnail and full-size images of your own. The example posted above is using 400px images for the thumbnails and 1200px full-sized images for the lightbox.

Although there are no limits imposed on the number of images you can add to a SwipeGallery stack, obviously it is wise to play things safe and not go crazy with SwipeGallery stacks containing many hundreds of images! It is far better (from both a performance and usability perspective) to create an index page, and then split your large gallery into categories, spread over several different pages.

Customising SwipeGallery further

We've purposefully engineered the HTML markup in SwipeGallery with plenty of class and ID selector names. If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS markup, then this opens a lot of possibilities to further enhance and embellish the appearance of SwipeGallery. However it should be stressed again that code is not required to get normal SwipeGallery stacks configured and published.

Thumbnail special effects

These special image effects can be selected in the stack settings and use CSS filters and transitions. Special effects will work on most newer web browsers, and will degrade gracefully in older web browsers that do not support them (like Internet Explorer 10 and less). Using CSS instead of Javascript for the effects means that the markup is extremely small and we can take advantage of hardware-acceleration for smoother effects.