Why are Tsooj Media Stacks being listed on the Stacks4Stacks website?

We have taken over ownership of Tsooj Media stacks. Joost Spijker is retiring from RapidWeaver addon development. Rather than his stacks becoming unsupported, we will be taking over future development and support of them.

What is happening with the stacks?

A program has begun to update all the stacks with new icons and meta data (to facilitate things like automatic update checking). Obviously it takes a while to familiarise ourselves with the stacks and to make these updates. Temporarily, all the previous Tsooj Media Stacks are listed below for purchase. After each one has been updated, it will move onto its own page, on the Stacks4Stacks website. This work will also include setting up new support documentation, working examples and offering free demo versions for download.

Are you interested in hearing my feature requests?

Absolutely! Please get in contact via email with your feedback or feature requests. Our aim is to ensure the stacks remain easy enough for the average RapidWeaver to use; while still ensuring there's enough customisability available to satisfy high-end users.

Will I have to re-buy the stacks again?

Recent customers will be entitled to free updates. For purchases made longer ago, you can either ask for a discount code or re-buy stacks ahead of any pending price increases. Availability of updates will be published on WeaverNews, the RapidWeaver community forums and via social media.

Stacks available for purchase:

The stacks are listed in A-Z order and retain their original pricing from when they were provided on the Tsooj Media website. When the stacks are updated and re-listed on this website, a link will be provided to the corresponding webpage.

Action Host (€ 4,95 EUR)
With this "If this then that for RapidWeaver" utility stack you can easily change link actions. Use for example a normal navigation menu link and turn it into a Cartloom Cart button.
Learn More

Animate It (free)
With the AnimateIt stacks set you can very easily create cool and fun CSS3 based browser animations for a single stacks element, predefined theme elements and of course on all of your custom HTML element.

Fancy Intro (€ 9,95 EUR)
The Fancy Intro stack set creates cross browser animated intro's, so your visitors no longer have to look at that "normally boring page loading".
Learn More

Floating Content (free)
With the Floating Content stack you can easily make special content float on top of your normal page content. Simply set the margins from the top and side and this stack makes sure that the Floating Content position is automatically adjusted while scrolling the page or resizing the browser window.
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Hide 'n' Show (€ 7,95 EUR)
When you're showing your photos in large sizes, your visitors might find it annoying that they are covered by the menu and content. Wouldn't it be great if they are able to Hide and Show the content with a simple mouse click? With the Hide ‘n’ Show stack they can...
Learn More

Image Mapper Plus (€ 7,95 EUR)
Add linkable image map areas to your images with the Image Mapper Plus stack. It's fast and simple using the built-in "Coordinate Inspector". Yes thats a built-in stack by itself to help you measure the coordinates. But thats not all, you can also turn all the areas into a highlighted area with selectable overlay and outline colors.

Lorem Ipsum Utility (€ 4,95 EUR)
Prototyping a new web design and in need of some quick random text elements or placeholder images to test with? Look no further, the Lorem Ipsum stack is the Utility you need to have.
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News Ticker
Updated 8th July 2017 and available here.

Publisher Stack (€ 14,95 EUR)
Time Controlled Publishing content and a lot more advanced options to control the visibility of content elements with the Advanced Publisher Stacks set. You simply set a publishing time frame or day and the Advanced Publisher takes care of all your Time Controlled Publishing needs.
Learn More

RapidWeaver Multi Lingual (RWML) (€ 14,95 EUR)
Quickly turn a single project file into a Multi Lingual enabled website using the RWML System, built dedicated for RapidWeaver.

Scroll Pane Stack (€ 9,95 EUR)
Tired of looking at your browsers default scroll bar? You want to show your website content in a nice looking and scrollable area without using Flash? Then we've got just the product you are looking for.
Learn More

Scroll To Stack (€ 4,95 EUR)
Meet Scroll Pane's little brother... easily create an animated scroller to dynamically take your visitors to another position on your webpage.
Learn More

Shake It (€ 7,95 EUR)
The Shake It stacks set shakes, vibrates, and rotates your stacks and any other content. It's great to use as a hover effect or a way to direct attention an element that needs a special effect.
Learn More

WebYep CMS Stacks (€ 14,95 EUR)
Always wanted to create a RapidWeaver Website using the Open Source WebYep CMS but lack PHP coding experience? With the WebYep CMS Stacks you can easily create a website using this CMS in no time.

Please note, the normal website terms and conditions apply for the purchase of these stack elements. All purchases are final and refunds cannot be provided. If you have questions about any of the stacks or require a demo version to evaluate, please get in contact first.
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