Firstly, please remember to have a backup of all addons and project files, before commencing any addon updates.

Minor updates are available from directly within Stacks / RapidWeaver. On a Stacks page type (in RapidWeaver edit mode) click the Library button. At the bottom of the library panel, click on the Updates button. The Stacks plugin will then scan all of your installed stacks and check for updates (for stacks that support automatic updates). Any updates found can be installed.

Some older stacks do not support automatic update checking and will need to be manually downloaded. Additionally major updates may need to manually downloaded and installed alongside older versions. For free stacks, download these from the website. For paid stacks, login to your secure Paddle account to download the latest version.

For paid stacks that you do not have in your Paddle account, please get in contact with a copy of your order information (proof of purchase) or the expired E-Junkie link. You will then be generated and given a single-use 100% coupon code, valid for 48 hours.

To use the coupon codes, navigate to the product page on the website, for the stack you require an update for. Click on the 'buy now' button. Read the license agreement and click the checkbox if you agree. Enter your email address and any other details the checkout asks you for. Then look for the coupon button or box - in this screengrab it is the button at the bottom left:

Coupon step 1

Carefully enter your coupon code in the box. Be sure not to include spaces or other special characters. Click on Add Coupon; to validate and apply the coupon code:

Coupon step 2

If the coupon code was successful, your order total will be reduced to zero. You can then continue to checkout.

Coupon step 3

Once the order has gone through, you will receive an email with a download link for the stack. And the stack will also be available at any time in your Paddle account.

Please do not proceed through the checkout without applying a coupon code. Otherwise you will be charged the full amount for the stack. We are unable to provide refunds for free updates purchased in error. Coupon codes are typically only valid for 48 hours, so please use them as soon as possible.
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