Note: Viewty is a completely free stack to download and use with ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes. Simply go to the ThemeFlood Stacks page and download your free copy there. Viewty works with both free and paid ThemeFlood themes. If you want to use Viewty with themes from another company, you will need to test the demo version and buy the 'Stacks4Stacks' copy from this page.

Let's be honest, there is no shortage of quality image gallery plugins for RapidWeaver. But sometimes you might want something that is purposefully 'minimal' and works straight out of the box with less configuration. Viewty is perfectly well-suited for building a quick and simple web gallery. Ideal for a photography portfolio or product showcase. Image captions are supported too. You can choose to configure to Viewty to run within the page or "throw it open" to a full-screen slider.

Viewty can either use images dragged and dropped into RapidWeaver or images you are already storing online in a warehouse location. A bunch of example images are included in the stack (also used in the demo below) to help you get started. Without doubt, Viewty is very novice-friendly and a great introduction towards building a web gallery with Stacks and RapidWeaver.


This example of Viewty uses the default settings and the sample images supplied with the stack. Click the image to get started.
To improve the usability of Viewty even further, it would not be difficult to add some brief instructions above or below the stack, telling website users to click or tap on the first image. There is no limit towards the number of images that can be added to Viewty. You can also change the ordering of images inside Viewty and delete unused ones - without needing to delete the whole stack and start over again! Viewty is very-much a 'drag and drop' style of stack.


Follow these instructions to use Viewty:
  1. Once installed into Stacks and RapidWeaver, open your Stacks Library.
  2. Search for 'Viewty'. Drag and drop a copy of the stack into your page.
  3. Keeping the page in edit mode, click the blue button to add an image source. You can either play with the sample images or add your own images.
  4. For each image you add yourself, select its 'sub-stack' in edit mode, to add the image and other data like its captions.
  5. If you need to change the order of images, drag and drop them in edit mode to reorganise them.
  6. Preview your page to see the completed result. Publish when done.

As always, hovering your mouse cursor over settings will display a small informational tooltip about what each setting does and any important notes to read.

In terms of compatibility, Viewty is compatible with all newer web browsers and most RapidWeaver themes. A free demo version of Viewty is available for you to download and experiment with to fully test the stack on your computer. Compatibility with touch devices (like mobile and tablet) is also supported.

Multiple Viewty stacks may be safely used on the same page. This is useful if you want to split your images into multiple galleries.