Vimeo has grown to become a popular video sharing website. Users with Vimeo 'Pro' accounts are able to embed high-resolution (e.g. 4k) video into their websites and continue to get viewing statistics. Our Vimeo video player is mobile responsive and incorporates some additional features. We have also changed some of the underlying source code, so that the HTML code is valid - it is very important to have valid HTML5 code in websites.

The VimStack uses the normal Vimeo player controls. Only the colour of the buttons can be changed. If you require a stack that provides greater customisability, consider using the Multi Player stack by RWExtras instead.


This is an example of the VimStack, with the default options applied.
You will note from the above that VimStack only embeds the video and nothing else. You would probably want to provide a paragraph of text under the video, telling a user what it is about and providing the link back to the original page on Vimeo.


Follow these instructions to get VimStack working in your webpage.
  1. Once installed in RapidWeaver / Stacks, open the Stacks Library and search for 'VimStack'. Drag and drop a copy of the stack into your page.
  2. Go to the VimeoTM website and find the video you want to use. You need the video ID. If the video URL is something like then I know the ID will be 943213941. Copy the ID to your clipboard.
  3. Within the stack settings, enter the video ID replacing the sample one already shown. Only the number - NOT the full video URL.
  4. Customise any of the other settings shown to you, if needed. All settings are tool-tipped with information about what they do.
  5. Preview the page to see the result. Export or publish your website when done.

Only video content marked as 'public' will work inside VimStack. You cannot expect this stack to work with video content that has been marked as private or blocked from being embedded within websites external to Vimeo. High-resolution (e.g. 4k) video is only supported if you have a Vimeo Pro account.

VimStack can be placed inside other stacks on your webpage (like columns). Although multiple VimStacks can be used on the same webpage, beware that they do not interact with each other or with other audio / video players you might be using. One VimStack per webpage or blog post is normally more desirable.

Theme compatibility

VimStack is compatible with all ThemeFlood themes, and should work with some themes by other developers too.


If you find this stack element useful in your personal or commercial web projects; please consider making a small contribution towards ongoing support and updates. There are many different ways you can contribute to the Stacks4Stacks project, and benefits for doing so.