FullScreen is a stack that was built on behalf of several RapidWeaver users requesting one on the RapidWeaver forums. As the name suggests, this stack instructs a web browser to open a page element at full screen when clicked, thus doing away with nasty old Flash player code and the complications of modal windows or lightboxes. In other words, you tell the web browser what to open at full screen, and the FullScreen stack does it for you (in supported browsers)!

To use, simply add a single FullScreen stack to your page and drop the content inside that you want displayed at fullscreen; anything you prefer including text, images or video. When clicked, the content will zoom to fullscreen. Try the example below now by clicking on it:


Stacks Image 1163

The Lake District

Land of mist, mystery and mosquitoes...

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Stacks Image 1166
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Important notes

The FullScreen stack will only work in newer HTML5 compliant web browsers; like the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Do not expect it to work in any other web browsers. It's purely experimental at this point in time. I can't confirm exactly which web browsers it will work in, so for now it is available as donationware on an "as is" basis and provided for you to experiment with, in the hope it might possibly be of use to you.

At this point in time you can only use a single FullScreen stack per-page. I believe this is a web browser security measure and may get revised at a later time to allow multiple full screen mode events to be handled. You cannot have content automatically open at fullscreen, and likewise there is currently no method of linking backwards or forwards to different FullScreen stacks.

You will see big inconsistencies in the way different web browsers handle HTML5 full screen mode. Some let you change the window shade colour, element width and other styling. Others are much more restrictive and prefer to handle things their way. Some web browsers will ask first if a user wishes to enter full screen mode, and others will just do it without any popup message or notification.

We purposefully do not provide a button for a user to press and launch full screen, for the simple reason that we want this stack to degrade gracefully on older unsupported web browsers. If you had a button marked 'enter full screen' and it did not work for an individual, they would naturally assume something was wrong with your website. Feel free to write you own instructions for end user to see if you choose to.

Closing full screen mode

Just hit the 'ESC' (escape) key, top left on your keyboard. This seems to be universal on all web browsers. Again, some web browsers tell a user this, others like Safari don't. Sometimes clicking in full screen mode will also close it.


Two example images are provided in the Stacks Media Library with this stack, so that you can test it opening large images. This works best in responsive RapidWeaver themes and with image scaling turned off in Stacks.


If you find this stack element useful in your personal or commercial web projects; please consider making a small contribution towards ongoing support and updates. There are many different ways you can contribute to the Stacks4Stacks project, and benefits for doing so.
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