You may be surprised to learn that the original <marquee> tag was actually developed by Microsoft for use in Internet Explorer, during the late 90s. The marquee HTML tag was never actually a part of the official web standards, and is therefore considered invalid code. While this proprietary tag may continue to work in some web browsers, it is not universally supported. There are a growing number of instances where it can fail to work.

Our NewsTicker stack produces a simple and elegant ticker-tape effect, using a combination of jQuery Javascript and CSS. Therefore this one is assured to work across lots of different web browsers. Additionally several useful options are provided for you to customise the ticking effect and adjust its styling.

Formerly developed by Tsooj Media, the updated NewsTicker stack now includes a better scrolling effect, support for multiple NewsTickers on the same webpage and several new style / behavioural settings. NewsTicker is very simple to setup, making it a perfect stack for the novice RapidWeaver user. Stacks 3 or greater is required.


Here is a simple example of the NewsTicker stack. Don't forget that you can nest NewsTicker within other stacks (like Shady) or apply styling like borders, backgrounds, rounded corners padding and margins.
Breaking news! This is a important piece of information to display within the news ticker. You can change this text in edit mode.


Using NewsTicker is very easy! Just follow these simple instructions (remembering that NewsTicker requires Stacks 3 or later)
  1. Once installed into RapidWeaver, navigate to a Stacks page. Open the Stacks Library. Drag and drop a copy of NewsTicker into your webpage
  2. Double-click on the text shown within NewsTicker to edit it and swap if for your own. Simple styling like bold text or links can be applied to segments of your content
  3. With the NewsTicker stack selected in edit mode, review the settings to change anything you want. Mousing-over settings will display small informational tooltips about what each one does
  4. Preview your webpage in RapidWeaver, to see what the completed NewsTicker looks like. Export or publish your project when done

You can safely use multiple NewsTicker stacks on the same webpage. It is possible to split longer segments of text up, using HTML entities (special characters like bullets, hyphens or pipes) or Font Awesome Icons, in supported RapidWeaver themes.

If somebody lands on your webpage without a Javascript-enabled web browser, we safely degrade NewsTicker to become a regular block of static text. Likewise search engines can continue to see and index the written content you place within NewsTicker.

The optional CMS Class setting can be used to add a class name to the the NewsTicker container. Potentially this can then be used to make text content within NewsTicker remotely editable with a simple content management system (CMS) like Cushy or Surreal.